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Call for Solidarity

As the Palestinian Intifada enters into its fifth year of existence, the Palestinian people continue to suffer the most inhumane and cruel living conditions. The killing of Palestinian martyrs continues, and so does the demolition and destruction of Palestinian houses, infrastructure and agricultural land through the systematic, barbaric and murderous crimes committed by the Israeli occupation army, including the last attack on Jabalia and the Gaza strip where more than 110 Palestinians were killed - including a large number of children, and hundreds were injured.

In protest to those tragic conditions and in solidarity with the Intifada of the Palestinian people, supporting the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people, its right to self determination and its Right to Return, the Egyptian Popular Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian Uprising calls upon all intellectuals, activists, human rights and civil society organizations, anti-globalisation and antiwar activists to share in the protest rally in front of the Rafah crossing on the 10th of December 2004.

The choice of the 10th of December is not insignificant. This date carries the anniversary of the launching of the International Declaration for Human Rights. Our protest rally, organized on the anniversary of that day is an attempt to remind the world of the values which that declaration carried, and to express our protest regarding the continuous and systematic violation of those human rights values by the barbaric Israeli military in the occupied Palestinian territories.

We invite all activists of the world, all those who struggle against the ugliness of war and the violations of human rights of peoples to join us in front of the Rafah Crossing on December the 10th, 2004

The Egyptian Popular Committee
in Solidarity with the Palestinian Uprising

12 novembre 2004


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